Chocolate area - Tokyo, New York


Chocolate area - Tokyo, New York

Year: 2013

Size: Variable

Mterials: Resin, Printed Paper, Aluminum Foil, Me

Exhibition: Transmissions

Venue: Tokyo“3331 Arts Chiyoda”, New York “AIR PLANE gallery”

The situatation for the exhibition: I was making my installation“Chocolate area”at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda and sending movie while I was making my installation by using Ustream for AIR PLANE gallery in New York. In the AIR PLANE gallery, there were my chocolate bar peaces of my artwork and the movie while the exhibition was going on.



チョコレートエリア - 東京、ニューヨーク


サイズ:可変 素材:樹脂、印刷紙、アルミホイル、私


会場:東京(3331アーツ千代田)、ニューヨーク(AIR PLANE gallery)

展示内容:3331アーツ千代田でチョコレートエリアを造っていく状況が、ニューヨークAIR PLANE galleryにUstreamにて動画配信された。AIR PLANE galleryには動画と作品の板チョコが展示された。